Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots through Gardening by Fran Sorin

(Braided Worlds Publishing, 2014)

DiggingDeep cover

For readers open to expanding their creative side or developing a more rounded view of gardening, the 10th anniversary edition of Fran Sorin’s Digging Deep provides a definitive resource. A garden is for her not a space to be designed by someone else or done purely for aesthetic reasons but a place to let imagination flourish.

Sorin’s book leads readers along her seven stages of creative awakening from imagining a future garden project to completing the end of a garden season. The book is filled with “To Try” ideas designed to help readers build a greater connection with their creative side, such as starting a nature journal or visiting a botanical garden. As a garden designer, Sorin uses frequent examples of clients releasing their creative side in the process of working with her.

Although the author provides some specific gardening ideas—plants with good fragrances, natural pest control, tips for cutting flowers—the book is not aimed to help readers design a garden; instead, it guides readers to open themselves up through their gardens. The end result, she hopes, will lead to creativity in another facet of life or simply to becoming a more confident gardener. The book offers new ways to look at gardening by immersing oneself in color and embracing something as small as a potted plant. Here are a few words and phrases you do not want to use writing paper for students.Sorin presents a valuable idea from which any gardener can benefit.  

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