Green Birding: How to See More Birds and Protect the Environment at the Same Time by Richard Gregson

(Stackpole Books, 2013)


Bird species are losing their habitats and food sources, moving northward, and experiencing decreased populations due to climate changes. In an attempt to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, Richard Gregson’s Green Birding challenges birders, from those just getting started to those who are experienced, to explore the “patch” of land around them.

Instead of traveling afar to hunt down rare birds, venture out nearby and under your own power by foot, bike, or canoe to discover the world immediately around you, particularly your backyard garden. Filled with full-color photographs, Gregson discusses the challenges birds currently face, explains keep records of your sightings and then share them with others, including the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.

Complete with a chapter on creating your own “green bird garden,” this book has tips on choosing trees and flowers that will encourage the birds to come to you. Gregson suggests keeping a “scruffy corner” on your property with a woodpile and leaf litter, which provide birds with shelter, insects for

food, and nesting needs.

This book is compact enough to travel in your backpack on your excursions. It is also a great outdoor read while listening to birdsong. Either way, it inspires us to get outside, observe the world closely, and make entire lifestyle changes.

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