My Cool Kitchen by Jane Field-Lewis

(Pavilion, 2015)

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If you like your kitchen aesthetic to wander further afield than granite countertops and white cabinets, My Cool Kitchen will satisfy your every creative need. Author Jane Field-Lewis adds a fourth book to her exploration of “cool” dwellings, covering more than 30 kitchens crisscrossing from Los Angeles to New Zealand to Copenhagen.

The kitchens are grouped in six categories: simple, eclectic, tiny, architectural, big spaces, and thrift. Accompanying photos are often whimsical; the kitchens appear well loved in photos that include paintings, dishes, plants, pets, and even a goat walking across a porch. In addition to photos by Richard Maxted and Art Gray, each kitchen gets four pages that describe the kitchen’s location, owners, goals, and style notes.

One of the book’s novelties is its foray into the kitchens of the famous, including those once used by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, as well as inside the former country home of the Bloomsbury set. There are also the kitchens of artists, interior designers, antique dealers, and fashion designers, resulting in an incredible range of styles and décors. All types of dwellings are explored, such as a former cinema, a building inspired by Robinson Crusoe’s shelter, and an English castle turned hotel.

There is no question that the book makes a lovely coffee table piece, but with such a variety of styles, locations, and structures, it is more importantly a tremendous reminder that the kitchen is the center of a home and as such reflects the individuality of the owner.

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