Sand Castles: Interiors Inspired by the Coast by Tim Neve

(Harper Collins Publishers, 2015)

SandCastles Cover

Tim Neve wants you to have fun decorating your home. As the title suggests, Sand Castles, the first interior design book by the editor of Australian Coastal Home magazine, suggests that coastal design should be as fun, impermanent, and inspired by your surroundings as making sand castles on the beach. Known for his love of neutrals and textures, Neve says that coastal interiors should reflect the easy, carefree aesthetic of the seaside.

Each chapter is filled with mood boards and “styled scenarios” that express a particular theme. Beachcomber has driftwood, shells, and whitewashed found objects, while Seafarer is filled with nautical elements such as maps, compasses, suitcases, vintage industrial lighting, and the moody dark colors of the sea. The Islander uses the leafy, woody abundance of the tropics to simulate lounging outdoors. The Bohemian finds its color inspiration in a beach sunset and contains an explosion of vibrant hues; decorations include Moroccan-inspired lanterns and pottery, Ikat fabrics, and Indian-inspired furniture and textiles. Finally, Endless Summer pulls from the nostalgia of seaside visits, surfer style, and the vibrancy of sorbet colors in washed-out tones. Bright striped towels, whimsical flamingos, and retro objects make you want to sit in a bright beach chair and stick your toes in the sand.

Each page of this beautifully photographed book drips with inspiration. Anyone looking to jump-start their creative juices will come away with lots of ideas.

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