Wildflowers of New England by Ted Elliman & New England Wild Flower Society

(Timber Press, 2016)

Wildflowers Cover

This excellent field guide to New England’s wildflowers includes more than 900 species that you may see driving down a road or hiking in the woods. It answers the question, “What’s this plant?” Use it to identify the flowers you enjoy on morning walks and the plants that pop up from bird droppings in your garden. Wildflowers of New England can help you decide which visiting plants to keep in the garden and which to remove.

Ted Elliman is a plant ecologist at the New England Wild Flower Society, the oldest organization dedicated to plant conservation in the country. It is headquartered at Garden in the Woods in Framingham, Massachusetts. If you have not visited the society’s native plant botanic garden, then you should—it is well worth the time.

The book’s organization—first by flower color and then by petal count—makes it easy to find what you are looking for. The guide covers both native and naturalized plants and contains annuals, perennials, bulbs, and wild shrubs such as cranberry and lowbush blueberry. Elliman’s descriptions are clear. In addition, photographs depict each plant; in many cases, they show the plants’ foliage and habit, giving further visual clues for identification.

Wildflowers of New England is a must-have book for both plant lovers and folks who are curious about the natural landscape of this region.

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