March Tip of the Month: Decorating with Decals


Photograph by Wordy Bird Studios
Photograph and Wall Art by Wordy Bird Studios

In this month’s striking home, featuring interior design by Anne Cowenhoven, custom-painted branches by artist Judy Dibble adorn the bathroom walls, giving them beauty, soothing sophistication, and custom appeal.

Although you may not possess Dibble’s talent, you can still make a space your own with vinyl wall decals as a custom-paint alternative. Decals have come a long way from days of old and are now crafted of very durable self-adhesive waterproof vinyl. Most are printed with a matte finish to make them look painted on the wall. They are easy to remove and do not leave marks on paint.

In addition to designing traditional large-image decals, artists are turning words and phrases into decals, thus bringing more personalization to each piece. Many artists have stretched beyond making one-word decals; they now design witty aphorisms and inspirational sayings for every room. These sayings can be anything from “Our house is full of love and laundry” for the laundry room to “There’s no place like home” for just about any room in your home. Some artists customize their decals with monograms or family names and phrases. Most home décor stores carry simple decals. However, I recommend the amazing artists on Most of them customize their work, down to the color of each piece. If they don’t have exactly what you want, they will often create something new just for you.

The versatility of vinyl decals makes them a fun and inexpensive way to bring a custom look to any room. Decals open the door to one-of-a-kind wall décor for any budget.

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