Penny O’Sullivan Looks at What’s Blooming in March


Photo by Penny O'Sullivan

For years, my husband and I admired the early spring crocus lawn at Longwood Gardens in Longwood, Pennsylvania. So when we built our New Hampshire home, we scattered 10,000 corms of Crocus tommasinianus, commonly known as snow crocus or Tommies, in a small area of soon-to-be lawn. Tommies range from pale lavender to deep purple and have fine narrow leaves that blend into grassy spots. The March-blooming flowers are not as big, fat, and showy as those of Crocus vernus, the bold spring crocus known to most gardeners. Bees like my Tommies so much that I hear their loud, constant buzzing each time I walk by. Thus, my tough little Tommies spread by seed, enlarging my lavender flower carpet over time.

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