Artful Containers for the Garden

All products are from Lunaform LLC
In the Garden - Fab Four - Coastal Home Magazine

Adding a large piece to a garden or patio can unify and finish the look. An urn on a stand can serve as an exclamation point—definitive and graceful.

The Alto, an amphora-style urn, based on ancient Greek design, beautifully illustrates the intersection of art and craft. As is true of every Lunaform vessel, it is completely handmade using steel-reinforced concrete. “It takes three weeks to finish each urn or planter,” says Phid Lawless, owner of Lunaform. “Each piece is molded and then shaped on a wheel, cured in a moisture-controlled room, and then given at least five layers of finish.”

In the Garden - Fab Four - Coastal Home Magazine

Buying any large piece is a commitment, and considering both shape and scale is important. It is often hard to visualize how something will look in the landscape. To help, Lawless says, “We often send out silhouettes made of cardboard, so people can see how a particular shape and size will look in their space.”

The Borghese, like all Lunaforms, is made to last for the ages. “Our concrete develops 90 percent of its strength after curing for seven days, but it takes another 100 years for it to strengthen completely. There is no reason that our pots can’t last for a thousand years,” Lawless says.

In the Garden - Fab Four - Coastal Home Magazine

Sunny’s Vase with Teak and Copper Cover
A handsome pot can add color and interest to a winter landscape. Lunaform vessels are designed to take the cold. “Planters come under the most stress due to freezing and thawing,” Lawless says, “but if you keep your pot filled with soil or covered, it can withstand even the harshest weather.”

The surface of Sunny’s Vase is as tough as it is beautiful. The finish, a liquid metal, is applied in multiple layers, all by hand, giving this piece a luminous quality. According to Lawless, “The more handwork that goes into a piece, the more depth and interest it has.”

In the Garden - Fab Four - Coastal Home Magazine

Facing page: Creating successful plantings in large pots can be a challenge. The plants need to be as striking as the vessel, while complementing the shape, color, and scale. Large-leaved plants, like elephant ears, bananas, or cannas are good options for height and proportion. Tall grasses, small trees, or structures such as trellises or tuteurs can also be used to great effect. Placing large trailing plants near the edges of the planter can help anchor the design and soften the look. | Photo by Kerry Michaels

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