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Fab TerminalGazebo

Four Seasons

These tall concrete “terminals” represent the four seasons. Grand and classical, they add gravity and elegance to the landscape. Place them to frame a view or create a garden room. Use them on a lawn to enhance the view through a window or have them form a semicircle around a seating area to give it style. Linda Zukas of Nunan Florist & Greenhouses in Georgetown, Massachusetts, suggests that, these pieces would look beautiful among evergreens. “They are an investment for your garden” Zukas says. “They need a specific setting to showcase their beauty.”

Churchills Gardens | churchillsgardens.com

Fab Fish

Fish out of Water

Garden ornaments can be serious or playful, elegant or quirky, and many of the most interesting are those that combine several of those elements. A single stainless steel trout adds a bit of whimsy when attached to a wall. A school of metal fish would be stunning swimming artfully across a landscape or hung from trees so they could sway in the breeze. In addition, “tucked into a perennial garden, or put near a pond, this fish would add a great element of surprise,” Zukas adds. “Who wouldn’t want a fish in their garden?”

Artist: Tyson Weiss
Fish in the Garden | fishinthegarden.net

Fab fiddlecontainer


Brighten any garden area by adding a puckish touch to your landscape with “Fiddlesticks,” handblown glass ornaments designed to resemble fiddlestick fern fronds before they unfurl. If you cannot decide where they would look best: follow Zukas’s advice, “These [ornaments] provide a great way to add height, drama, and a pop of color to your garden or container, particularly in the beginning of the season when things aren’t lush and full yet.”

Artist: Barbara Sanderson
Glass Gardens NW | glassgardensnw.com
Photo by Christina Salwitz

Fab Agave 02

Ageless Agave

Have you ever wished you could have desert plants in New England? Now you can with these novel stainless steel agaves. The ultimate in drought tolerance, these creations need no water. Along with providing four seasons of interest, they are “particularly striking in a contemporary setting and would add character and structure in the down seasons when you don’t have a lot of color and texture,” Zukas says. “They would also look beautiful poking out of the snow.” A perfect focal point, these sculptures demand attention in your garden or landscape. You do need to be a bit cautious where you place them, as they are a little sharp, just like the live version!

Artist: Mark Priest
Photo by Bob Lund

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