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Sitting in style – the new Adirondack chair 

Fab Zen1NapaStyle Swing2Recycled Plastic Adirondack Swing

Swing into Comfort

What’s not to love about a chair that was made for enjoying cocktail hour on a sultry summer evening? The first Adirondack chairs, designed and constructed by Thomas Lee in 1903, had extrawide arms to hold food and drinks and a low-slung seat with a canted back for comfort. The traditional Adirondack chair, while still popular, has morphed into many shapes and sizes, including swings like this one, which is perfect for sharing a sunset or lazy afternoon.

NapaStyle | napastyle.com

 Classic with a Twist

Fab Zen11 3Round Back Lodge Chair

“Adirondack chairs are truly made for relaxing,” says Holly Fortier, owner of the Blue Grasshopper in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. “Because they are wood, people think they’ll be uncomfortable, but if they have the right design, they’re incredibly comfortable, even without a cushion.” This round-backed, modern design has universal appeal and can add style to any setting. Adirondack chairs “can go anywhere—by the sea, in somebody’s urban yard, by a lake, or on a mountainside. Their simple and elegant design has lasted for more than a century for good reason.”

Jardinique, Classic Outdoor Furniture | jardinique.com

Old is New

Fab Zen7 LollFlat Standard Adirondack

While the first Adirondack chairs were each made out of a single pine board, today’s Adirondack furniture is often made from modern composites. Each of these Loll Designs green “green” chairs is made from 400 recycled milk jugs. According to Fortier, no matter what the material, when buying an Adirondack, comfort is key. “The angle of the seat and back are important. You also want to make sure you can get in and out of the chair easily.” She suggests buying pairs or multiples to make a design statement. “A circle of Adirondack chairs around a fire pit is perfect for spending an evening with friends.”

Loll Designs | lolldesigns.com

The Art of Relaxing

Fab Leschi Leschi Adirondack Chair

Adirondack chairs are icons of summer leisure. Thomas Lee refined the original Adirondack design for maximum comfort by having his family and friends try them out. This handcrafted Leschi Adirondack chair by Celeski Studios elevates the style into a piece of art that will last for generations with the right care. While some chairs are designed to stay outside year-round, Fortier says, “any chair, especially if you live by the water, will last longer if you cover it or bring it inside for the winter. Adirondacks are an investment, so you want to enjoy them for as long as possible.”

Celeski Studios | celeski.com



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