Stylish Products to Organize Your Home

All products are from Crate and Barrel |
All products are from Crate and Barrel
Beautiful Bins
Vicki’s axiom, “If you don’t use it every day, you don’t need to see it,” can inform many storage decisions, like the use of a beautiful bin to hold and disguise those items that no one wants to see. Vicki also points out that bins are great for keeping open areas organized. “They make better use of space because they add depth and verticality. Plus, bins are a great way to organize bulky or unusually shaped items.”
Fab_SkylineMagazineRack Skyline Magazine Rack
Organizing your home and simplifying your life can make you feel freer and more in control. Stacks and baskets overflowing with magazines and catalogs may mess with your Zen. For advice on products that can help you have both beauty and order in your home and your life, we interviewed Vicki Lang, director of public relations and community affairs for Crate and Barrel. She suggests using magazines to your advantage, “The Skyline Rack has a space-saving, sculptural silhouette that allows each magazine to hang separately, so it displays reading material in a way that is both eye-catching and practical. When displayed well, magazines add a wonderful touch of personality to your décor.”
Fab_StowRedOtto Stow Red Ottoman
One tip for keeping your house neat and organized is to buy furniture that has multiple uses. “The Stow Ottoman is a great multi-use piece that works well in small spaces—a convenient seat that also offers significant storage,” Vicki says. “For example, it is a perfect solution for keeping kids’ toys out of sight once playtime is over.” She suggests that the key to stylish organization is to create a space both beautiful and easy to use. “Choose pieces that look great, but also offer a lot of functionality.” The bottom line: The easier it is to put your stuff away, the more likely you are to do it.
Fab_ChalkbrdFrameMemo Chalkboard Frame
Many of us need all the help we can get when it comes to taming our busy schedules. When trying to bring order to this chaos, it is a good idea to establish a family command center. Vicki advises, “The Chalkboard Frame memo board is practical and fun in the home office or kitchen, where the whole family can use and enjoy it. The frames are perfect for pictures of family and friends, the chalkboard surface for the grocery list, and the magnetic board to hold notes and invitations.” For a large family or a particularly complex schedule, mount several memo boards side-by-side.

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